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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 I had to bring this back as an answer when anyone says why the youth are so crazy or blames Hip Hop or black entertainers for the state of the world today.  Wise Intelligent of the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers breaks down the connection between Hip Hop, music culture and the historic struggle for freedom, justice and equality. He was among many other rappers who attended the Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day 2009 Convention in Chicago.

Also Katt Williams drops some serious insight as to why others don't pave the way for new talent and why you shouldn't listen to what others day about your future!  This is the #TRUTH I have been saying this for years.  It's NOTcoinkidink that this is what's happening or that violence, drugs or sex is pushed upon our kids.  Or that we are becoming insensitive to each other as human beings its how society wants us.  Because dumb consumers are great consumers so it's not a wonder why we are dumbed down there is no black or white its just have and have nots right now!

I wrote about the dumification of America years ago and here we are. This is why some of today's youth has no respect for their parents, elders or anyone else.  It's called tough love and parenting but now how can parents be parents when most have to work 2 to 3 jobs just to survive? It's all part of a larger plan to keep you socially in the system and running around like blind mice. They tell you go to school get a job when there are people with masters degrees homeless!  No one truly sets you up for success anymore. That's why we are seeing this repetitive cycle occur and reoccur.  Please check out the hustlers 10 commandments, The Secret or Rich Dad Poor Dad all books you need to read and teach your children in order to succeed in today's economy.  They are right education is key but you must be educated about the #RIGHT THINGS!!!!!!

We have to be more socially conscious as consumers and take responsibility on what we internalize and what we give our time to just some #FOODFORTHOUGHT!

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