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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Not Interacting or Speaking to Customers and Assuming their wants & needs without asking!

I see this time and time again where people assume what the consumer want before they ask them which is a NO-NO and a NO WIN situation for you and your consumers!

How many times have you been to a restaurant an a waitress or waiter came to your table and told you your order before you even ordered? Or better yet when was the last time you went to the supermarket or grocery store and the cashier or sales clerk told you want you want before you started shopping? Chances are NEVER right ( Unless you went to one of them super fancy restaurants in Manhattan or Hollywood with a celebrity chief right?) But if your like me a picky shopper you don't like to be told what to buy unless your inquiring about new inventory on a particular brand. So why do that to your consumers? It's wrong right but you see it everyday you would swear we was in Russia behind the iron curtain the way some of these people promote their brand.

Like my brand comrade nincompoop or I Ivan Von Hitler will shoot you! Its like that Everest commercial for college how many of you felt offended every time that damn commercial came on? (Raises Hand) I'm like why is this brother cussing me out? I went to school dammit!!!! lol Well when you don't do your research and assume your customer well ....YOUR DOING THE SAME EXACT THING!!! #FOOD4THOUGHT

2. Relying Too Heavily on "Word Of Mouth"

I see this more heavy with small cities and baby boomers who still thing the fax machine is the latest piece of technology and barely know how to work their cell phone!

Get with it its 2013 already and almost 2014 things have changed if your not taking advantage of Social Networks or Apps your seriously missing out studies have shown that 65% of Americans live off their cell phones also over 95% of college students and young adults so if you have a brand that's trying to impact that younger demographic your missing out. Remember YOU may not like social networks BUT are YOU the consumer? If you this this doesn't matter just ask the creators of Facebook & Twitter to billion dollar brands or the newest app Groupon if this matters? #MESSAGE

3. Failing to Make Your Brand Relatable

Yet another marketing mistake you see EVERYDAY. For example: Me and a friend go used to go to a gym but they was playing slow songs and EVERYONE was complaining EVEN the workers and yet they never changed this resulted in people bringing their own earphone which results in less talking, less interactions which effects the gym because this lessons morale and also equates to less gym sales for new members and extra brands people utilize in the gym. You see sometimes it takes something very small to make a hug impact don't believe me throw a pebble in a pond then watch the ripples! So by investing in something small you can get big results and its because your was in sync with what they wanted which results in more sales and building a better brand because everyone talks when their happy right? But Note: They also talk when they are upset #FOOD4THOUGHT 4. Forgetting To Excite Your Consumer Ask yourself ....What boring party or event did you come home and brag about? Chances are NEVER if it was Wack you came home complaining and warning others where NOT to go right? So why was it wack, Rude bartender, Rude waitress or doorgirl or security guard who damn near raped you or frooze you for about an hour outside only to find out its 6 people inside! Now that's what I call the One Time because you got literally ONE TIME to pull that ish with me and *Poof* I'm gone!! So we know why it was wack but what could the club owner done to make your experience better? How about having a regular guest list and a small waiting period when its cold, Cheap Happy Hour with top brands, Proper staff training to make your experience a memorable one! Last but not least a raffle with admittance stub where they can win a weekly guest past, money etc so as you see it doesn't take much to excite just give them something of value that they LIKE!!!!!! 5. Poor customer Service I don't think I truly need to elaborate on this because its common sense so I will leave it at this treat your consumer as nice as YOU wanted to be treated. And if YOU don't know how to do that think ROYALTY if you treat them like they matter then YOU will mater in the END! Now like EVERYTHING in life their is are a few exceptions to this rule such as ....

Do NOT go broke while doing so! Do not be rude or brief Always keep it professional Never act like a Know it all even if you are right! Last but not least please act like you have home training and use SIR/MAYUM and Thank You, How may I assist, ask how they are doing today or what brings them to your place of business? You'll be surprised how far that goes!!

So there you have it TIP NO 1# I will continue to do so as long as its requested have a fantastic day for more info and insight follow me check my posts daily on twitter, instagram and both my FB pages Cool V and Cool V TV

I hope this helps you generate more traffic to your brand have a wonderful week and you just heard the whistle utilize these tips and make your brand official!!!

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