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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Civil Rights Movement with Super Powers is Back 2014!
Director Bryan Singer is back and brought all of the X-Men from every movie back with him in
X-Men: Days of the Future Past
One of the most Greatest X-Men storylines ever in movie form
It has a tentative release date for July 18, 2014 and is simultaneously a prequel and sequel to the X-Men film franchise.
In this story the future Professor X [Patrick Stewart] and future Magneto [Ian Mckellen] sends future Wolverine's mind into his past self's mind to find the past Professor X [James McAvoy] and past Magneto [Michael Fassbender] to prevent an Apocalyptic future.
An Apocalyptic future caused by Bolivar Trask and his Mutant Hunting Robots...
... the Sentinels!

And here is the breakdown of the characters in the trailer


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