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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Now to be honest I’m hard on female rappers but with this female artist Jayy Starr, I can safely this 24 year woman is a great MC. Born June 4, 1989 at Daniel Freedman hospital in Inglewood, this South Central Demi-Goddess displays her power through her talents. MC, songwriter and singer is just not one of the industry generated sex dolls getting rhymes written for her to sell a brand, this woman has “#BARS son!”

  You can check her on her youtube channel paying homage to past female MCs on her segment called #RewindFridays, freestyling over MC Lyte’s “Poor Georgie,” Da Brat’s “Funkdafied,” and Eve’s “Who’s that Girl.” Jayy Starr just released a full length project titled “Digitized Euphoria” experimenting with different types of beats and displaying versatility with her songwriting style. Earlier this year she traveled to Atlanta to work with Multi-Platinum producers LT Moe and Chris "Traxx" Rogers creating hit after hit, one of which will be released on radio nationwide. Jayy is also in the studio completing her debut EP and recently been writing for some or your favorite major recording artists. Starr has opened for stars such as Drake, Jeremih, Bobby Valentino, and Trey Songz to name a few. 

She was also featured on Myspace Music Aug 2009 with an exclusive premiere of her music video "Face Off" directed by Quattro of Digital Noise Pictures, which also went on to win Season 3 Episode 6 of Indie Music Television. Definitely on her grind and you can tell by this quote, “I pour my heart into every track I make. I can finish a full song, go back and read it, not feel it, and start all over. I’m a perfectionist. Every song I make is apart of my legacy. Whether it be a club joint or something conscious, it has to mean something at the end of the day… I sing, write, rap, produce, and engineer. I also act and direct. Once I get it in it’ll be a problem” --- Jayy Starr.

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