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Friday, July 22, 2011


Check out hot Canadian artist Amanda Sivera (follow her on twitter @amandasilvera or on facebook this artist goes hard with her mixtape single "Dreams Come True" this is just the pre-mix imagine the finished product with a guess female MC who's killing the game T.B.A listen to the track sampler "Dreams Come True" (Beat By J-Dilla) here: and for more info on this mix-tape or if your a dope female artist and would like to get on one of the series here's more info: remember come hard or stay home! ~It's Official You Just Heard The Whistle!~ "Cool V"


Check me out as we invade Toronto's largest and most respected record store "Play De Record" where we got a candid interview with store owner and Canadian legend Eugene Tam store owner and Canada's largest music distributor as he informs you whats hot in the market and world-wide with distribution tips, new technology and what retailers are looking for these days! Dope Interview


Check out hot new issue of C.E. Wiley's magazine 504 Dymes a sexy hot new publication that features some of the hottest and sexiest models in the industry. This month they explode with there "Collectors Edition" fresh on the scene in newstands now with cover models print, video and runway model Ms Tasha Ford (Follow Her) @MsTashaFord also gracing the cover is the sexy Print/Video Vixen Laenn Amos both two amazing models who are breath taking! Also in this issue are other hot models such as LaLa, Brittney Star, Nancy Dee, Chase Dupree, Issii, Crystal Unique, Bilan Ford, Monee, Solo, Diamond The Show Stopper (All are extremely curvacious, exotic and extremely appealing to the eye) If you like Smooth, King, Show or Jadore you will most def go gaga for this hot new publication and the best part is you don't have to worry about a ton of annoying ads just straight hot divas on deck! Wham so with-out delay make sure you check out the official website now also follow the the man C.E.WILEY himself on twitter trust me you will NOT regret it also lookout for a upcoming candid interview with C.E.Wiley and "Cool V TV" where you get the best of the best behind the scenes (Industry Insight) Models you do NOT want to miss this!! If your a model and you think your HOT enough see here: tell him "Cool V " sent ya remember only if your that fire and only do I recommend you doing so so go hard or stay home!

It's Official You Heard The Whistle I co-sign and so approve this brand!!!


Sunday School - Starts NOW! All day today on my page where I will go back in the past posting your favorite "OLDSCHOOL JAMS" Videos, Mixtapes, Radio shows, Pictures Etc..Got a "Old School" Mixtape, Pictures or a radio show please feel free to post them or advertise them on my wall (ONLY OLDSCHOOL TODAY OR IT WILL BE DELETED!) or if you just want to take a trip in time and go back and reminisce in time remember:

YOUR A 80's BABY IF....

1. You had a crush on one of the New Kids on the Block members.
2. You wanted to be on StarSearch.
3. You ever uttered the word "Radical!"
4. You wore jelly shoes and jelly bracelets
5. You thought "Ghostbusters" was by far the coolest movie
6. You remember watching shows like "Punky Brewster" , "Webster", "You Can't Do That On Television" , "Wild&Crazy Kids" and "Double Dare"
7. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off. Or even when he had those freaky eyes in "Thriller" at the end of the video.
8. You wore a banana clip in your hair or one of those slap on wrist bands at some point during your youth.
9. You rolled up the bottoms of your splatter painted jeans.
10. You wore loafers with everything, and you put the laces in those little rolls.
11. You had slouch socks, and puff painted your own shirt at least once.
12. You owned a doll with 'Xavier Roberts' signed on it's butt.
13. You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout."
14. You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off."
15. You can name half of the members of the elite "Brat Pack."
16. You can remember watching Full House and Saved by the Bell for endless hours!
17. You have seen at least 10 episodes of Fraggle Rock.
18. You yearned to be a member of The Babysitters Club, and tried to start a club of your own.
19. You sat on your back porch, playing with your "My Little Pony" , "Rainbow Brite" , and "Strawberry Shortcake" dolls
20. You know that another name for a keyboard is a "Synthesizer."
21. You hold a special place in your heart for "Back to the Future."
22. You know where to go if you "wanna go where everybody knows your name."
23. You thought Molly Ringwald was REALLY cool.
24. You know what "sike" and "not!" mean
25. You fell victim to 80's fashion : big hair, crimped, combed over to the side, big hoop earrings, and possibly the worst:you wore spandex pants.
26. You wanted to be a Goonie, or Elliot from E.T.
27. You owned an extensive collection of Cabbage Patch Kids and trolls.
28. You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called "Prince."
29. You actually saw Ted Danson as the MacDaddy he played "Sam" to be.
30. You ever wore flourescent -neon if you will clothing....
31. You could breakdance, or wished you could.
32. You know who He-Man and She-Ra are.
33. You remember when ATARI was a state of the art video game system.
34. You know all the words to "Ice Ice Baby".
35. You remember MC hammer well.
36. You can still sing the rap to "Fresh Prince of Belair".
37. You own any cassettes.
38. You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon.
39. You remember and/or own any of the CareBear Glass collection from PizzaHut.
40. Pizza Hut was the coolest place to hang.
41. Poltergeist freaked you out.
42. You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins or an E.T. lunchbox.
43. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.
44. You wanted to communicate with some being named Cinergy, or you wanted green hair like that lead singer of the Misfits.
45. You totally LOVED Barbie's cooler, punkier counterpart, "Jem" and her "Rockers"
46. You wanted to have an alien like Alf living in your house.
47. You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.
48. You wore tights under shorts and felt stylish.
49. You layered your multi-colored slouch socks, and added suspenders to make your outfit complete.
50. You ever had a Swatch Watch.
51. You actually spent countless hours trying to perfect the care-bear stare.
52. You had a crush on one of the Coreys
53. You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.
54. You had WonderWoman or Superman underwear.
55. You wanted to be The Hulk for Halloween.
56. You believed that "By the power of Greyskull, you HAD the power"
57. You thought that Transformers were more than meets the eye.
58. Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
59. You ever owned or wanted any of the NKOTB action figures or dolls.
60. You remember when Deborah Gibson was "Debbie" Gibson.

Come Join me here share your favorite old school videos, photos etc.. Right here will you be attending?

Yo mama is so ugly that when she went to a beautician it took 12 hours... to get a quote!
Yo mama is so ugly that she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning.
Yo mama is so ugly that she turned Medusa to stone!
Yo mama is so ugly that the government moved Halloween to her birthday!
Yo mama is so ugly that when she looks in the mirror, the reflection looks back and shakes its head.
Yo mama is so ugly that she makes blind children cry.
Yo mama is so ugly that she climbed the ugly ladder and didn't miss a step.

Tell Me Your Favorite Yo Mama Joke or Remember Why You Big..... (Remember Those Days)


Block Parties
House Parties
Skating Ring Parties
Jerry Curls
Kid & Play (Box Cut)
Kwame - Gold Strick
Hammer Pants
Those Tight Spandex Suits (Oaktown 357)
Hide -Go Get It
Red Light Red Light Green Light
Gimme A Break
Facts Of Life
Knight Rider
Greatest American Hero
What's Happening
Welcome Back Karter
Car Wash
Weird Science
Fast Times at Ridgeman High
The Breakfast Club

......You Tell Me!!!!! (Write Below and also don't forget to Share your info also on my FB Pages /coolvibez, /cool-v-fan-page. /coolvmrofficialwhistle add me so you won't miss out!

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