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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What's Crack'n Peoples!

Now just this morning I got a call from my homie "Teressa" telling me this cat was mad funny this morning complaining about how PR and marketing should work for free! WDF are these niglets talking about? It kills me how disrespectful these cats are and DON'T see it yet complain when we ask for respect. So below is the post that started it all.


Musicians have historically been a reflection of whatever cultural
condition is prevalent in their era. Perhaps it isn’t a surprise given
today’s lack of culture and devaluing of intellect that we have an
inordinate amount of soulless seemingly stupid musicians who serve as
puppets for the furthering of comm...ercial interests. Not a tirade or a
soapbox speech, merely an observation. Planet Ill is here to show not
what is always shown, but what is also present: rappers who aren’t brain

George Seals WRITES

That's the attitude that I'm referring to, the older generation has to understand that the cultural gap that is happening right now because of lack of connection between the old and new hip hop generations. That's why a lot of the older hip hop heads don't like or understand the new music because they are not a part of it. That's why classic hip ... See Morehop aint selling now. The new fans gravitate to a lil wayne more than lets say a common or a rhymefest because the values that were instilled in common and rhymefest were lost because of the generation / communication gap in hip hop. We don't expect anybody to help us in fact we are rebelling against the old system that's why you have so many rappers who spit bullshit to get a check because it aint about hip hop no more. Its about money and a lifestyle, i say that because when you're broke ppl don't wanna work with you regardless of how hot u are. People always wan to hit you with this "resource" shit, thats a fany word for where is your budget. Dopeboys have money so they use their "resources" to get on. Thats why you hear so many of them on the radio now. The mass signing of these type of artists was done on purpose by major labels to change the environment and face of the game. Either way you look at it the lack of culture you are talking about is a lack of communication thus we have a gap in hip hop. People got greedy and lost sight of what Hip Hop is all about. I know its a "million dollar entertainment industry" like you said but that's they problem people treat it that way instead of culture and art that's why you see less and less culture.


Teressa Raiford

Listen to the video.... the founders of the Industry created a corporate business for us to use and develop, not for us to be used to develop. Its a business like Wal mart, I cannot go into any of Sam Waltons store and get food off the shelf, take it home, cook it and then decide to pay for it if it taste good. I have to go there and buy it. I ... See Moream not saying Hip Hop is for sale I am merely pointing out that businesses in this industry will not thrive if we don't do BUSINESS! if you want to start a company in any type of industry you will need to Plan, get Capital and market and Sale your products and services or you do not have a Business. Hip Hop is over 25 years old and as someone who has been in the industry working since 1985 I don't support bad business planning.


Cool Vibez
This is one conversation I HAD to jump in! This aggravates the hell out of me NOT one MC I know can go into Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Radio Shack or Guitar Center and get free food or equipment (Unless they are the spokesperson) based on their artistry. So why do these same artist they that stuff with small up-coming businesses? Keep in mind These same artists support large corporations and people who don't give a DAYUM about them or the music or industry they are in YET NEVER complain! However when someone takes does take a genuine vested interest in helping promote that artist(s) or their brand these same people get hit with a "Wait Till I BLOW UP"comment and usually When they do "ON 2 THE NEXT" with no loyalty and a it's just business Move! Cmon Son "Stop The Madness"You artists will have no problem buying studio equipment, wasting thousands or hundreds making it rain on a strippers ass cheeks, rims, gold teeth & jewelry or the most in style these days fronting & Paying for "Quote on Quote "Music Conferences and award shows whose focus is actually 5% on the music these days and you WON'T COMPLAIN one bit!!!!

That's some some BULLSHIT!!!!! I have a problem with that Mos Def!! We always talk about "Keep It Real" Every time but when some one really does these same "Asshole MC's" F@ck it up! Case in point "Jack The Rapper" I haven't been to a conference yet that catered to the MC more! What Happened some ignant fools started a fight in the one conference that was created to help them out! Not convinced yet? Another case in point is these same artists will break their neck to be involved in BS so hard they are willing to make complete idiots out of themselves on national TV EX: Puffy's "Making The Band" when we already seen where all of their past artist(s) NOTICE THE PLURAL ! HAVE ENDED UP!

This is that "Bobby Boshay" that we need to STOP! Artists WORD OF ADVICE- Your publicist, Your agent, Your marketing agent and Your promo/strret team IS JUST AS IMPORTANT as your equipment to ensure YOUR SUCCESS!!! You don't MC for free so WE DONT WORK FOR FREE! That's like someone asking you to do a World Tour for the love of Hip-Hop would you? If so how would you feed your kids or pay your T-Mobile or Sprint or whatever cell company you go threw. ... See More

Being a business has it's costs "EVERY" business does! Notice the key word in the statement The music - "BUSINESS" and that's what we have to do more of. Most people have no problem helping new artists but it's the approaches we hate - the cocky as hell attitude or the don't give a f@ck fuck u pay me and when im done im throwing yo ass away(The famous what can u do for me VS how can we help each other attitude) we get as vets that turns us 100% off!!! Note we are down to trade ONLY if you have something of EQUAL value you wouldn't trade in your hummer for a pinto would you? So why should we?

1st be humble, 2nd respect is key and most important when someone does help you a kind "Thank You" or a show of gratitude might work. If you've called us 10000000 times to work your project a phone call is the LEAST you can do and like you our kids got to eat so a kind gesture would work even better!

I know I probably upset 50% of the music industry with this one but so what Imma tell it like it T-I IZ!!!!

This has been a industry "Real Talk Response" brought to you by your boy boyee "Cool V" the industry insomniac!

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