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Thursday, March 11, 2010



Yup It's your BOY BOYEE GOOD OLE "COOL V" with some real important food for thought. Its been brought to my attention on numerous occasions how some of our prominent hip hip artists are glorifying "Gang Banging" I thought the whole idea of hustling was to make a come up? I also thought I heard a ton of MC's say when I get enough I'm out the hood and NEVER looking back. If life's supposed to be about progression then why are we breaking our necks trying to digress? I remember when cats used to hustle because they had no other option or way out and when people joined gangs for protection not for sport or to get a rep. Call me crazy but when I was growing up cats got a rep or respect because of their knuckle game or their swag.

It wasn't because TV co-signed them the hood did. They usually didn't care if someone else co-signed them and because of their confidence many people did. It's crazy when I see a 30+ year old acting and dressing like he 15 (CMON SON!)what part of the game is this? Then everyone is bragging boss rights but "NO ONES STEPPING UP TO THE BOSS CREDENTIALS" Bosses employ people so if your a staff of one how can you be a boss? Now before you a**hole trouble starting b@tches try to misconstrue my words I'm talking about those that make it and NEVER look back and when they do look down on the hood that shhhh's crazy! The realest thing I heard was when Nelly & his brother was on Cheddar DVD and Nelly said "I Don't Understand Why People Are Scared To Leave The Hood and When Did Making It Become A Bad THING!" (I AGREE 100% MY BROTHER)I would just like to add when do GOD do bless you don't forget about what you been threw, the help you had along the way and those that will NEVER see the light of day due to lack of knowledge.

With that said check out this very interesting article I seen on "The Urban Daily" (Salutes) also check these sad ass people below that's a direct result of all this negative energy The Boondocks said it best!

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