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Thursday, December 10, 2009



Whats Crack'n Peoples!

All I gots to say is WOWW!!!!! Imeeem bad move homie we understand that that cash rules but it's NOT what you do but How you do it!!! You are messing with peoples lively-hood a ton of independents was counting on you for that exposure and freedom and now you go do this?

Now we have to wait to get our own exclusive content that we trusted your site with to convert over to myspace? SMH Dig this... 99% of us already have or had a myspace profile you just made it easier for YOUR COMPETITION Twitter and reverbnation to NOW whoop your ass! It's the principle of the whole conversion thing. 1st it wasn't even done in a tasteful manner 2nd now we got to wait till yaw get your shit together before we have access to our own content? Wow!!!

Yaw str8 crazy!!!!
Anywho bad choice on your end I doubt you get the same results for your relaunch this time ( and Myspace trust me this is NOT going to bring us artists back ) We chose Imeem for a different path if we wanted to stay on Myspace once again we all have access to do so! (The smart thing would have been to buy it stay undercover make the transformation on the DL and slowly merge BUT U DIDN'T SO O'WELL) Once again "Yaw buggin" but for all you cats who had a imeem page don't worry they are supposed to be bringing it back but trust me new rules apply because its owned by Viacom which means lawsuits will commence to start shortly *Watch*!

Here's the official story: "HERE" BAD MOVE IMEEM BAD MOVE!!!!!

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