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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


P-00 "Phundred" tells the epic story of the Battle of Verbulaun in 1988 B.P. Dallaxians under the rule of King Whaxsersus have already taken over some of the Jebulanic city-states, and now threaten Shagtra and South Dallonia. Pikahsso aka King Peonidas of Shagtra is left with two options: he will either have to subject himself to the overt whackness being forced down the throats of the fans for the well-being of Shagtra or obliviate all sucker emcees to save the city South Dallonia the place he calls home.

This video is directed by Walter "Tahiti" Archey of WhackPiktures, AwkQuarius and Intellectual Idiots and co-directed by Marcellus Suber Of Time Warped Studios

Both videos edited by Tahiti and Marcellus Suber music on the song brought to you courtesy of Romio No E.

For those who listen to this song and wonder what I means when I say look @ your cd player it should say 1:25 and 22 seconds left I strongly advise you to download the P-00 song for FREE load it in to your iTunes player and watch the counter on the player as the song plays very closely and then you will see why I say that. And ask yourself who did this 1st on any record and if yourself is honest it will say Pikahsso aka King Peonidas

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"HERE" To Download The P-00 Song For FREE

Pikahsso & Tahiti Of AwkQuarius, WhackPiktures & Intellectual Idiots Bring You A Brand New Wepisode Of The Most Infamous Cartoon On The Web Fat Albert In The Hood Episode 11 [You Are The Father] *Warning Explicit Language Not Safe to Watch at Work*

Pikahsso allen Poe Broadcasting Live From Dallas, Texas

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