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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

T.I. Breaks down #Trap Music, Industries new Genre with a Urgent Message: US or Else!!! on #SwayintheMorning | @troubleman31 @realSway

We all have had a impact in the results of our Community's Revolutionary breaks 💔, but it only changes once we face the facts , and reconstruct from the core.

How many of us, contributed to sum type of crime, bad judgment, whether driving recklessly, doing hood things, or your artist expression of bad behavior in our lyrics, arts, talent.  ✋ Yes i am guilty as well, but we face these facts as a Adult, and we get better in expressing good behavior instead of bad!

That's the first step, the Second and most important step is take responsibility of it & Correct it!  Correct it in the way you walk, talk, conduct business, & even in family matters!  This is the up-most respect for yourself & others, especially those you love and in your community!

The Third ✏is Build, get Better, with knowledge, talent, & dreams, you can make a better tomorrow.  Become a Asset, instead of a liability, give back to your community, to others who are worthy hard workers, sharing knowledge, wisdom, wealth, love.

In T.I. Interview below he talks about Today's Music Industry & how he was a part of this growth, but also he breaks down how to become a asset to our Communities to become wealthy citizens.  We are loosing our communities quickly due to we have not built within it, not even each-other.  We tear down everything, and then hate on the next person doing sum good, instead of supporting them and learning from it!

Today, let's learn to Support each-other & our communities to build for a better tomorrow.  That is our #TipTuesday on this day and ongoing for #Humanity!

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