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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How do you like them Apples? It's @Apple mania season! Apple releases iOS10, iPhone 7, & Apple Watch 2

As per every September, we get new updates to Apple iOS, new iPads, new Macbooks, new iPhones, & new accessories for our Apple & Beats devices just in time for the Fall and Christmas season. After very much speculation, Apple released it's latest iteration of iPhone 7, watch OS for the original Apple Watch, new Apple Watch 2 announcement & iOS 10. Much to the satisfaction of a lot of people who like myself are done with 16 gb models the new iPhone comes in 32 gb, 128 gb & 256 gb options. Also, Nintendo guest featured to talk about Pokemon Go coming to Apple Watch and Super Mario Run game coming to iOS.

A lot of early rumored pictures showed an blue color option but the options Apple has for the iPhone 7 are Jet Black, Matte Black, silver, gold & rose gold. Space gray and 16gb storage space RIP. It is water proof/water resistant and loses the headphone jack for dual speakers. The new iPhone uses their lightening connection port for both recharging and audio use. For people who don't want to give up their original headphones there will be a headphone to lightning adapter jack included. For those who want the whole skinny of Apple's September event who may not have not been able to keep up with the event or have been living under a rock or's the summary video

For iPhone owners who may have just got an 6/6 Plus, 6S/6S Plus or iPhone SE don't worry you were not left out. Improving upon the functionality of iOS 9, Apple as of yesterday released iOS 10 with many improved features such as the ability to delete Apple stock apps such as Stocks, Maps, Mail, Weather app or any Apple stock app that you feel you don't want and need, improved widgets and better notifactions and more.

Apple also shows off their Apple Watch 2 which offers built in GPS, waterproof capabilities, smoother display and swifter performance. This model has a dual-core processor that Apple claims to be 50% faster than the previous model. This feature is the main reason why the new model has easier and faster user experience.

Everything was focusing on improving mobile technology. No announcements on new iPads, Macbooks, Apple computers or Apple TV. To pre-order check out Apple's official site and your wireless provider. For more things in Apple, Android, Google and all tech and gaming keep it here to Cool V's Rated Next.

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