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Sunday, October 11, 2015


What's Crack'n People!

I always drop some serious heat when discovering and bringing you those dope B-LIST movies slept on cult and hood classics like Shattas, Attack The Block, Evelyn, Dancehall Queen, My Name Is Khan etc.. This time I bring you another exciting movie coming from London based on a true story. A real smash and grab type of flick ....LITTERALLY!!!  But this one seems pretty cool plus it has my boy UK famed MC @Skeptagram #Skepta who plays a excellent role in this film.

Based on the real-life events of London’s smash-and-grab-gangs and the new generation of organised criminals, the story follows two brothers; Dee, an anarchic street-artist who confronts the establishment, and, Marcus an armed-robber with big aspirations. As Dee finds acceptance among London’s art-elite, Marcus soars through the echelons of the underworld with one audacious heist after another. But when a savage gangland war erupts, Dee is faced with his family allegiance and the new life he has built. This is a must see movie if you love action, a dope movie sountrack and a good bad guy story! #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE I cosign this one #Official!!!!!

ANTI-SOCIAL directed by Reg Traviss, starring Gregg Sulkin, Josh Myers, Meghan Markle, Andrew Shim, Skepta and Devlin – with a soundtrack by Drew McConnell (Babyshambles), Itch (The King Blues) and Giggs. 

1 comment:

Wayne Berry, Jr. said...

Very cool. Is this on Red Box or coming to theaters. Let's see it!

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