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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Good Morning People!

If the world ever needed to see this video the time is NOW I posted this years ago but it's time I bring it back! It's refreshing when you go back and listen to timeless music like this in a world thats forgotten about real music and songs that have lyrics that speak to the soul.  I was put on to this from DJ PLASTICVIBEZ also follow him on instgram @djplasticvibez and his official FB page "HERE".  With all thats going on today we need songs of peace and unity to heal the world. We have enough about hate, pain and destruction that's why I was so Happy to hear #HAPPY these are songs of joy that you just can't help but to feel good when you listen to them.


Today I revive a track I posted years ago by African house producer "Black Coffee" entitled - "We Are One" a track thats so needed at this time because we have seen so many horrifying acts today and so much war, racism and hatred that we need PEACE! Thats what makes this song remarkable the lyrics hit straight to the core.  After all these police brutality cases and women and kid trafficking and hate crimes we need to bring back love, peace and UNITY!

This is a great song so I had to share I hope you enjoy #UHEARDTHEWHISTLE :) Make TODAY Official!!! #Instagood #Housemusic #Deephouse #Soulfulhouse #FeelTheVibe #DJBlackCoffee #WERONE

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