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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Is it me or that our Black families always want the next generation to do & be better but does not much to set them up to do well? A lot of things I learned later on as a man I wish I would have learned early on like investing, saving money, and a lot of things Rob Kiyisaki put in his books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Myself & my friend Keith Keith​​ spoke on this a few days ago. And it is my belief that the older generation has slowly stepped down from the path of leadership of the younger generation. Other ethnicities (I don’t like saying races because there is only one race- the human race) teach their families from generation to generation to set up early on to be successful. In the movie Step Brothers, one of the brothers tells their father he has a job interview & the father replies take my suit & whatever you need. You won’t hear these words come out of some father’s mouths. This is 2015. And long gone are the days when you could just get a good paying factory job & there is still a thing such as a safe & successful job or career. Now a days, it is essential to have more than one stream of income & be a business owner. What do you think about this?

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