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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Creative Loafing Follows the Rise of Adult Megastar and Founder of Shy Love

I had to repost this a feature from my boy Brian Gross ( Thanks for the 411) I appreciate the love!  CLTampa features the multitalented adult star Shy Love, author of the best selling How to Catch a Kitten and How to Land a Rich Man and founder of Shy Love is part of a growing trend of entrepreneurial women in the adult industry that have been building a lucrative career behind the camera. Applying her dual masters degrees and CPA license to years of experience working in adult entertainment, the pensive starlet started the Adult Talent Management agency. Shy Love continues to branch out and redefine what it means to be a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman. For more information, please visit  I like this diva because she's NOT your normal stereotyped air head adult performer not just tits and a** but she has brains this diva mos def very intelligent! 
“The best way to teach someone is through personal experiences,” noted best-selling author and founder of Shy Love. “It’s a lot easier for someone to believe they can make it happen if they have seen someone else achieve these goals.
Having penned several memoirs and self-help books on love and success, Shy Love takes her personal experience and anecdotes on paper to a wider audience, providing seminars and consultations for individuals. Additionally, she believes her successful relationship results from her ability to be on equal footing with her partner. But respect is only one facet discussed in “How To Land A Rich Man”. now carries the highly anticipated “How To Catch A Kitten”, “How To Land A Rich Man”, and “How to Make Money in Adult Entertainment.” These books provide educational, legal, technical, online and performance training for readers who desire to learn more about these specific techniques. The books are authored by industry professional and icon Shy Love. 
For more information, go to

Follow her at @ShyLove follow my boy Brain at @bsgpr

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