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Friday, April 12, 2013

If you look at my list you’ll see I covered all Spectrums’ of Hip Hop
The first 10 is in order after 10 no particular order at all
It’s according to the hottest rhyme at the time or the hottest song
Now when it come to straight Battle and Lyrics…. THERE IS NO ORDER
But Honestly if this was a Battle Rap list Eminem is number one
But we not talking bout Battle we talking about
Battle, Storytelling, Technique, Lyrical ability, Songwriting, Charisma, Image, and Respect for Hip Hop
1. Nas … because he can tell u a story so vividly u can see it… and his music has a message and after all these years he stayed himself and kept his style
2. Tupac for his Energy and his Message and he was a great Songwriter
3. Method Man: Because his flow is so fluid plus he's lyrical and he's the first MC that inspire me to start rapping
4. Eminem: because he is a Lyrical Monster
5. Andre 3000: because he makes rap into Masterpieces he like a Hip Hop Di Vinci
6. Jay-Z: because he is the most Balance Mc ever… the most successful, great song writer, great business man, and he is still Lyrical
7. Kendrick Lamar because his song writing is amazing and u can relate to what he saying, awesome Storyteller,
8. Notorious BIG... because his music is Classic
9. T.I: because his energy and song writing is uncanny
10. Snoop Dog/ Lion: Why because he Snoop… the coolest muthafucka on the planet
11. J.Cole: because he lyrical and smooth with it… plus he has been known to go in
12. AZ … Do or Die… Aziatic nuff said
13. Fabolous: Mixtape Monster and Punchline King
14. Big Pun: lyrical Beast,
15. KRS-1 because he is Hip Hop… if Hip Hop was a Religion he would be the Dalai Lama! And he gave the mic to me one time at a concert at my College and later said I Rocked the joint and gave me the dap-hug… that’s they day I graduated from local rapper to MC
16. Common: because he music is cool, mellow, has a message and he can go in when needed like in the song “Sweet!”
17. Mos Def: MC lyrically artistic, Political Activist, great actor etc etc
18. Kanye West: No one can match his Passion and he is a great Producer, and Song writer
19. Redman: because he is crazy as fuck lyrically,
20. Jadakiss: Street at its Finest
21. Tech N9ne …his technical style cadence, and flow, song writing unmatched by anyone… and he has the greatest fans ever TECHNICIANS!
22. Royce da 5’9” “Hi Rihanna” not is he an asshole he is the only person that can hang with Eminem so you know he is a Monster
23. Crooked I: this MC is not only lyrical, he rapes syllables … meaning every sound out his mouth rhymes together
24. Joe Budden: the only thing wrong with this dude is the reality show thing other than that the most open MC in the game… he has no secrets… plus he ILL as shit
25. Joel Ortiz: Every time I hear this guy he surprises me every time with a clever line
26. Busta Rhymes: the most animated lyrical fun flow ever,
27. Ludacris: Theatre of the Mind nuff said
28. Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks… because he is lyrically evil and will destroy anyone,
29. DMX: insane energy and just don’t give a fuck
30. 50 Cent: because he an asshole and a business man and he don’t give a fuck,
Honorable Mentions:
Curren$y: Jet Life!
Lil Wayne: Even though some of his song I can’t tolerate because it’s just not no shit I would listen too… but he when he get serious he get’s busy
Drake… when he ain't crying all over the place he can spit
Cam’ron… because he my favorite asshole
Lloyd Banks
Juelz Santana
Ice Cube because he a legend “Today was a Good Day’
Wiz Khalifa: on Deal or No Deal and Kush & OJ that’s it
Cassidy not his songs just his Battle Raps
Xzibit don’t let that Pimp my Ride fool u X goes in look up the video “What You See is What You Get Now.”
My Favorite Rap Groups
The whole Wu-Tang: change Hip Hop forever,
Slaughterhouse: because every last member is a lyrical murderer
Lox: Street music at its finest
The Firm: Nas’s Group
Bone Thugs & Harmony
Black Hippy

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