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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cuffing Season is Over!

Well Cuffing Season is Over! The period between when Summer temperature's get's cooler and ends the Day after Valentines aka "Side Chick Day" or aka “I Had to Work so We gonna Celebrate Tomorrow” Day. February 15th also marks the first day of Break-Up Season, the time period where everyone realize they want to be free to go crazy with their friends during the Hot Season. With this being said, I feel that people that say "Oh it's cuffing season time to get bunned up" then be heartbroken and sad by the end of the season because they broke up is fucking stupid and deserve the experience they had. What people tend to forget that seasons END! That being said, you are actually planning your Love to end because you planned it in accordance to a Season. Your Love has Expiration Date now. It's like you are Renting Love for a certain amount of time, originally you weren't planning for it to last long it was temporary. You weren't planning to catch feelings, it was temporary. All you wanted was someone to make you feel warm during the holidays and give you gifts on Christmas, Kiss you on New Years and buy you a cheap Valentines gift February 14th. Now your contract is up so don't get mad get a new plan. Maybe your new plan should be instead of waiting for cuffing season maybe you shouldn’t rely on what people’s bad advice, stop forcing a relationship to happen, learn how to love yourself, and not depend on a season to determine your love interest.

Just a thought

Just a P.S.A. from friendly Social Network Neighborhood Pattawon

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