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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well first of all, welcome to my first TRN blog, where I'll be posting TRN news, updates on what's going on with the team, along with some inspiration and positivity!

So here goes, today I would like to talk about the difference between dreaming, and 'having dreams' aka goals, some people have them, I do, some people know what they would be if they had them, but think that having them would mean they were 'daydreaming' as they've been conditioned since birth to think.  These are the people I would like to reach out to, I mean how do you guys think anything became achieved? 
How do you think Madonna became what she is today? What about Professor Stephen Hawking or Steven Spielberg? "You get the gist though right?" These people were all born like us, into normal lives, with normal backgrounds. The difference? They all sought the knowledge they needed to become what they 'dreamed' of being, they all made their dreams reality and in doing so have achieved what they set out to. Their actions, by working toward their goals, and not giving in to failure (which every one of them suffered), made them what they are today.  It was their determination, not their haste to say 'oh i was just dreaming' .
So think about it, who's actually living in the dream world, is it the person living their dream, following their goals, and acting on them? or is it the person unwilling to take the duvet from over their head to see reality? Reality is what dreams are made of, why dreamers dream, and why everything can be improved in some way. So there's no time to waste chastising those with ambition if you have none of your own i wrong? 
We all have a part to play here, whatever it may be to the individual, blaming others for our own downfall isn't going to help, only learning what 'others' to include in our oh so precious lives, understanding who enriches your life and who makes you feel like you're 'daydreaming' every time you want to follow your own path and make something of yourself.  We all have so much potential, and we all can make our little differences for the better, if we take the first step....nothing worth having or doing is easy and for every moment of beauty there is a struggle....but isn't that just living?!

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