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Monday, June 27, 2011

S/O To #Rated Next Model "First Classe" On her Birthday

Her name is "First Classe" because everything she does is top notch! She has experience in runway modeling and have done extensive print work. She is alsothe host industry trade magazine television show "Cool V TV". IT Doesn't stop there she is also a professional stylist as well as a hair and make up artist so as you can see she gets it in! The question is ...... which of those services one are you interested in? (Smile)

Currently I am involved in a huge array of projects so you will see more of me.
I am out to prove that "Big Things" sometimes come in small packages!Just remember To achieve any goal you must take a certain path,instead of going Coach, why not go First Classe'?

Bookings, interviews or photo-shoots contact:
First Classe: Phone: 646-535-2359
Twitter: @firstclasse
Facebook Fan Page:

Shout Out to my sis "Dawn Gardner" a.k.a model "First Class'e who is mos def a grinder and a true hustler on her special day make sure you add her on and like her Face-Book fanpage!/pages/1st-Classe-Fan-Page/146864915375011 and if you have model mayhem add her

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