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Sunday, January 30, 2011


 Good Morning People!

In my 20+ years working in business and especially the entertainment industry I have learned that in all you do "GET IT IN WRITING"  This also works with your personal life to with friends and family threw text or via email so there can NEVER be a misunderstanding. In business everyone do NOT share the same moral compass although there are a few of us that still exist that's from the "Your Word Was Your Bond Era" However we are becoming dinasuars and this is simply because everyone do NOT move under the same moral compass so these days you have to "Get It In Writing" this will do two things put the red flag on potential mishap also clear out and distinguish the people are "potential snakes in the grass from real professionals".

It's a shame that most of us have bought into this "Imma Do Me", "I'll Get You 1st" or "Get Over theories" instead of Let's do this together, We or Us!  People business is an exchange of goods and/or services where "BOTH' parties win NOT just one half!   Also when you do shady business, get over on others or don't value those great business partners. It's just like when you have a partner in a relationship you just may loose them.

So today instead of "Doing You" think of how your brand can help each other out and how you can execute the plan it as well!

Until Tomorrow "Thank You" for your continued support and "Have A Great Day!"

God Bless & You Just Heard The Official Whistle
Ya Boy Boyee A.K.A Mr Official Whistle!
 "Cool V" -The Industry Insomniac!

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