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Thursday, July 9, 2009


"Nirvana Savoury"

What's Crackn Peoples!

Long time no post & the world famous "Where You Been" Right? Well.... If your a Trunk Hustler or follow me there and on the many sites I post up on. Or you have option "C" if your a Twitter then you should have nooooo problem finding me that's whats crack'n because I post more than most!(Real Talk)Speaking of which this brings me to the "Diva" of The "Day" my girl "Nirvana Savoury" this lil momma is Cool As Hells. Beautiful, Humble, Hardworking and Talented to match basically the total package of a "future star in the making".

I was 1st introduced to her by my boy Eugene from Play D Records (Canada's No 1# Music Connection Big Up Eugene I see You!)I first got wind of this Diva when she was in a R&B all girl group call Xquisite the trio consisted of Nirvana, Nicole & Terri who received nominations as Best New Artist at the 2002 Urban Music Awards of Canada and Best New Artist (CHR) at the 2002 Canadian Radio Awards. I thought they was pretty dope but like most hot female girl groups (Destinys Child, Escape, Lov Her Etc..) they spit up shorty after "Nirvana Savoury" the solo female artist was born.

is not gonna let her hard work die and vein and since has been on her grind doubletime! I was sold every since I 1st caught wind of her debut single "OFF MY HEELZ", produced by MIDI-MAFIA threw my DIGIWAXX fams (Shouts to the whole Digiwaxx Crew!)which is a song about female swagger jackers who sweat the technique!. After having her on the "Trunk Hustlers Feedback Sessions Radio Show" she informed us that she was anything but the same and wanted to bring a new style and line of freshness back to the game because se seen it getting stale (I agree). In one interview she even states "I wanted to make a track that would bring excitement and pizzazz back to R&B. I feel "OFF MY HEELS" talks directly to woman of all backgrounds" I co-sign that because after hearing my homie DJ wreck play it at a club up here and every woman was sooooo proud of their shoes and chanting her chorus I knew momma had a hit! Plus with Hit Production Squad "Midi Mafia" on production how can you go wrong?Her music was bound to transcend past the normal POP or R&B bracket her music appeals to wider audience due to its sound, feel and reliabilty.

You may be fooled by just looking at Nirvana but make no mistake there is NO question that there is more than meets the eye and this beauty Nirvana is more than just a pretty face! By now you should be guessing her background well she comes from a combination of Jamaican and Chinese descent. Which means shes beautiful but will kick your a** in two styles so don't get it twisted come correct! Speaking of family talent runs deep here with her brother being part of hot Canadian Hip Hop group "Point Blank" Nirvana even stated that her background has influenced her music which represents her passion, culture and belief in true artistry. "When it comes to my music, I’m very involved in the creative process." Nirvana takes pride in knowing her business and speaking for this generation.

Nirvana big break came when she was introduced to Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins which let to her doing the hook for the song "J-A-D-A” that appeared in the motion picture "HONEY". Nirvana may be a new face but has a old spirit she remembers the days when entertainers actually performed and says that's what she wishes to bring back to the game. She also wants to create a lane for other hot artists that she feel gets slept on or overlooked due to the Canadian politrix when it comes to Canadian artists. Which by the look of things Drake is mos def opening the channels.

Check out her video and catch her style, Sass & Pizazz and see what I am talking about for yourself!"Nirvana Savoury" Mos Def gets the Whistle and is Def Official!

Download - Nirvana Savoury - Off Of My Hells "Here"

Download - Nirvana Savoury - Chicken & Waffles "Here"

For More Nirvana including exclusive pictures and bio, visit:

Website: (Coming soon)
Facebook: www.facebook.som/nirvanasavoury

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